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Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
. ♪ ♪ let me show you. this is where pop did some of his work. i used to help on the smaller things. my pop's the best saddle maker in the whole west. i'm sure he is robby. maybe you've met him some place, huh? dan talbot? robby, please. he's been in about every mining town in the state. we never hear of him. he's gonna be home for christmas isn't he mom? perhaps robby. don't count on it. i guess that'll be about the best christmas present we can have. we wouldn't care if he never found any gold, as long as he came home. son, why don't you take care of our guests horses? i'm sure they could use some water and maybe some oats. sure mom. i got so busy talking about pop, i clean forgot my manners. be right back. sure son! you're very proud of robby aren't you mrs. talbot? i am. if it weren't for robby, well there are times i don't think i could go on. you feel better when husband get back. well that's just it. i know ben won't be home for christmas. i think robby knows it too but he's just trying to cheer me up. has mr. talbot been gone long? six months. i have prayed he
Dec 12, 2012 7:30pm PST
drafting error and it's we did a matching pop out and you can see because of the gray, most of the building beis below grade at the back end with three stories in the back and front and i'm going to show what you the revised elevation looks like and this is the victorian style building and this is the windows to make it taller and give it a more vertical aspect and if i can show you the rather, that will conclude my presentation to you and if you have any questions, i'll be pleased to answer them, but let me show you the rather. and this is the rather of the building and the rendering kind off shows more accurately the top bay, no bay at the third level and little pop out which, is similar to the pop out with the neighbor to the north. thank you commissioners. >> thank you. >>> we can here from mr. schneider next.. >> i do have individual plants plans for you to see and pass out ... josh baker snider that you thank you for having us back to the continue ages and the initial agreeable solution and vice president phoning was worried about the bright light issue and so i made a good f
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
have been used to. yes or no? >> i was trying for that. i was inspired by a lot of pop music from the 70's, and also just thinking about my love for pop music and what that means to me. not the pop music of today. that is really heavy on production in a different way. but early 70's or pre-disco. i started to think, what about all that great stuff in the early 1980's, like blondie or the cars? i started looking at pure pop productions and taking elements from them. a lot of that was, when i was a kid, first hearing and synthesizers and used in pop music. it sounded so different. tavis: and when you say pure pop, but that you mean what? >> radio hits from the 1970's. tavis: you have been honest about what you were hearing and what you wanted to bring back to this project. it raises the question of whether you think musical taste is cyclical, or 1 cent era is gone, is that musical era gone? >> i think it is like waves on the beach. it is cyclical. the waves will keep coming back. but a lot of sand gets eroded as it happens. there are cycles. but there are going to be things that do even
Dec 8, 2012 9:30pm CST
afternoon showers can pop up as well. sunday night may be an early sprinkel low temperature 41 degrees. on monday called air pushes a in. it will be chilly out there. the cold air is hanging around right through to state but by wednesday be have a shot at 40 degrees for the high. by friday we can make it up to 50 in advance of another storm that will bring iran into the area. a chance of producing snow, one week from tomorrow. >> you will get warm temperatures coming and and a front behind it. >> and that the non conference test for northwest and as they tried to drive past the butler. >> hopes to make ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. a cup of joe is a sedan. a cup of johan is a 600 horsepower
Dec 9, 2012 9:00pm CST
>> break ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. after a fire on the south side. the fire broke out around 5:00 this morning in this two-story building. the injured man was taken to the hospital after he experienced problems breathing due to smoke inhalation. it took firefighters about an hour-and- a-half to put out the blaze >> the fates of three sudanese high school basketball players -- attending mooseheart high school south of batavia -- will be decided behind closed doors tomorrow. the illinois high school association will decide whether the towering african basketball players will be allowed to play for the school. mooseheart high's player recruiting practices are also under secret investigation. the media and public will not be allowed to attend tomorrow's hearing in downstate bloomington. mooseheart high bills itself as a private residential child care facility for needy children. >> police were on t
Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm EST
building's doors had been locked. then, around 9:30 friday morning staffers in the front office heard popping noises. police say those were likely sounds of lanza shooting out the glass of one of the school doors. lanza entered the building carrying a bush master a.r.-15 assault rival with two sum automatic handguns inside the pockets of his military style cargo pants. police say he was also carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition in multiple magazines. there were more popping sounds. someone in the front office keyed the mike phone on the school's public address system in a frantic attempt to sound the warning. as the gunfire continued, 911 calls were made. and just before 9:36, a police dispatcher radioed the first alert. >> reporter: the precise sequence of what happened next is unclear. but we do nolan saa headed down a hallway towards the section of the school containing the classrooms of the youngest students. there he killed 20 first graders shooting all of them numerous times with the .223 assault rifle. six adult women-- including the principal, the school psychologist, and teacher
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
hearing was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. it wasn't stopping, and he said do you think it's gunshots, and i said i think it's gunshots. at that time i did not realize that our teacher could not lock our door, but she had saw the custodian. she said our door won't lock, and he shooed her into the room and she closed the door. he came in the hallway and locked our doors, so now our doors are locked and i'm sitting on the floor. i'm as close as i cap be and our students are huddled, and the shooting wasn't stopping. the loud speaker tripped, and i thought i heard barbara, our secretary, and i believe what i heard was oh, my god, and some crying, and then the phone went down with the loud speaker still on, and i could hear the shooting from the door, but i could hear it through the loud speaker. it was -- you could hear both, like i don't know where i was, and it didn't sound like it was coming our direction, but it was going on and on. i was on the phone with 9-1-1, and my phone beeped and a text came in and my immediate reaction was oh, my god, it's my children. they are first responde
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am EST
again and again. >> scary story. >>> later on, we'll switch gears and look back at the year in pop culture, from the rise of honey boo boo to the unlikely bop lairity of that catchy tune, gang ham style. >> slightly popular, wasn't it? >>> we begin with the race in washington to fist fiscal cliff deadline including a preview of david gr david gregory's exclusive interview. we begin with kristen welker. >> the house is back in session and they could announce a deal as early as this afternoon. many saying this entire episode represents a lack of leadership on both sides of pennsylvania. with less than 48 hours until the tax hikes and spending cuts take effect, florida small business owner, gary simmons, is watching what happens in washington closely. >> it could directly impact our business if people do not have the extra dollars to come shopping. that hurts business. >> reporter: it is a frustration that is being felt coast to coast and christmas shoppers in california sound off. >> potentially, it will affect the middle class, which i am the most, right now. that's disappointing to
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
story, the redskins popped the bubble last night. they popped those dallas cowboys. we're going to talk about that later. i got all excited about the bubble popping. i'm ready to move forward. >> tucker barnes, take it away my friend. >> you guys are smooth up there. >> been a great night. >> when are tony and allison coming back? >> not soon enough. >> cold temperatures -- just kidding you guys. back into the 20s and low 30s. decent day. much less wind than yesterday. temperatures expected to be in the mid 40s. we are 32 degrees. much of the area falling back into the low 20s. 27 now dulles. bwi marhsall, 31 degrees. a lot of clouds moving in from the west. it's not going to be a perfectly beautiful day. less windy with temperatures in the mid 40s. out tonight. we should be dry. we'll have a lot of clouds around with temperatures falling back in the 30s. mess of rain and snow out to the west. that will generally stay to our west and push to the south. not in the forecast today or tonight. maybe a few showers around. 45 today becoming cloudy. winds a lot lighter than yesterday. all
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
and to the north as well. this is just going to pop up here and there moving into the course of tonight and as we look at our weather map, this is where we do have a fog advisory that continues to even hit areas through the d.c. region all the way to hagerstown and down to the south. calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel, all these areas seeing visibility greatly reduced. this will be through till 9:00 tomorrow morning. realize that as you do your morning commute tomorrow you'll have reduced visibility. so this system will head north as a warm front. warmer air will stream up from the south. winds will be gusty moving into monday and we keep an eye on this frontal system to the west. this will be a strong cold front that will move through. before that happens our temperatures will boost into the mid-60s or 70s, but we're talking a chance of isolated thunderstorms with this front. we'll keep a close eye on it. tomorrow won't be a total washout day, but here's a look at some of the rain showers that will move through especially into the evening hours. we'll start to see this pick up a
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
witness did not want to reveal himself on-camera of what he saw. >> this ever heard pop, pop, pop they are proceeding down a three more files and he turns and smashes into those cars behind me. in the passenger jumps out and got up on the island and took off running. that is when i called park police. >> reporter: they detained the passenger that ran from the camry after the crash. the black car fled the scene and the shooters are still at large. investigators will reveal surveillance cameras. they do not know if this was gang-related in pittsburgh, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> oakland businesses are fed up with vandalism.and they're calling for a larger police presence. kron four's philippe djegal spoke to frustrated store owners who returned to work after the holiday.only to find more of the same. >> reporter: rosa cabrera lives and works in the same oakland neighborhood. everyday she walks to her hair salon that she's owned for the past five years. and, until now, she says she's always felt safe. vandals have her on edge though now. after she says someone broke the windows of her busine
Dec 1, 2012 12:00pm EST
it pops all of the banks that we bailed out of t.a.r.p. they are going to fail again and they're probably going to lose this time, not just the bondholders. the government itself might have to default a restructured and not pay 100 cents on the dollar on treasurys. they still at a long way to fall when the government bubble pops and the scary part is it is so enormous that the government might try to prevent it from popping as long as possible which means we will have massive inflation before that happens, and if the government never pops that bubble then we've read debate could destroy the bubble and have a currency crisis that would be far worse than the financial crisis we would have based on a government fault. >> politically can you foresee the government not popping the bubble that you see? >> hopefully they will because not popping it is worse. if you try to inflate it as big as you can, it's the dollar that collapses. what the government wants to do right now is avert losses. the government doesn't want let's say bondholders to lose their money. the government doesn't wan
Dec 7, 2012 2:05am EST
parallel parking, popping the bottle, popping matt on the rear end. take notice. coming out hot. >> same thing happened to my career. don't worry. there is a new study out that talks about the differences between men and women. they say that men have a much easier time when you're at the mall and you park your car. you go in and shop, come out, tracking it down. they say women have less, i don't know, spatial direction? >> really? i would think the opposite. i think women are more organized. my wife, anyway. i have to do a device. if we are on level 5 section f, i have to park under the sign with an "f" on it. that way i know exactly where it is. my friend dennis was number five in high school and add an "f" to it. i'm not the quickest. what about you? >> i don't remember where i parked anything. you know what i realize? i remember less and less about everything. i was in a show and someone sat next to me and he said hi, and you know when you're just, you know, please, something. i couldn't remember anything about this guy. i felt like i just met him for the first time and i had
Dec 15, 2012 4:00am PST
with the principal and vice principal along with mary sherlock when they heard the loud pop, pop, pop, they went to check that out in the hallway. sherlock and the principal didn't return alive. just a very solemn outcome to that. sherlock was part of a team that was really relied upon there at sandy hook elementary. she was part of the school's crisis intervention team, ali. so even in a time like this when people are turning to those for comfort, she's no longer with us. ali? >> yeah, sad story. nick valencia at the cnn center in atlanta. thanks, nick. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. you're watching our special coverage of the connecticut school shooting. i'm in newtown, connecticut, about a block away from the school which is roughly behind me. a block away from the scene of the horrible massacre. here's what we know right now. in about an hour, officials are expected to start releasing the names of the victims. we've learned the names of two of the adults, the principal and a school counselor, but not the names of the children. now, that is expected to start happe
Dec 21, 2012 9:30am PST
put together. they interviewed jerry. describing how he wrote the pop tart joke. >> it's a fun thing to say, pop tart. i like the first line to be funny right away. when i was a kid, and they invented the pop tart, the back of my head blew right off. >> he's got all that yellow legal pad that he scratches on and he use as very cheap pen. >> i don't like that cursor flashing, looking at me like -- so? what you got? >> do you have a special pen? >> yes. the bic clear barrel blue. which i wrote every episode of "seinfeld" the tv series, with that pen. >> look, you've got a seinfeld pen. >> i've got the seinfeld pen right here. >> the pop tart suddenly appeared. in the supermarket. and we just stared at it like an alien spacecraft. and we were like -- we were like -- chimps in the dirt playing with sticks. >> it's funny. even though it's not a finished joke, it's still pretty funny. this isn't just a joke, it's a whole bit. >> in my world, the wronger something feels, the righter it is. to waste this much time on something this stupid, is, that's, that felt good to me. >> you want to see
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm EST
. let's solve this. >>> shares of netflix getting a huge pop after announcing a premium with walt disney. >> securing the streaming rights to disney movies is a big deal for netflix. it is the first time the streaming video service has secured the rights beating out hbo, show time and stars. this gives a strong hold in kids' content and will help add domestic streaming subscribers and faces growing competition from amazon streaming service. how much is netflix paying? sources tell me disney is definitely going to get more money from netflix than the starz deal. there is no official number on how much netflix is paying and it is complicated by the fact that it is three different deals, new movies in 2013, direct films and disney's catalog. analysts are bullish on the impact for netflix. morgan stanley saying the deal is a key endorsement from disney. could prompt other major studios to follow suit. the real loser here looks like starz. its deal with disney exspires. this makes starz look worst. now, one thing to keep an eye on is the fact that both disney cfo and netflix's head of content
Dec 31, 2012 9:30am PST
fight. at first he's doing a good job, but then -- it looks like the guy pops up right away, without any serious injuries. looks like he's okay. >> he did pop up and ran away, like he should have done when the bull was released. >> who is this crazy? well, we got an answer, he's 22 years old, max duffy, and he's joining us right this minute. first of all, what were you training for in this instant? >> like you said, rodeo school. nobody would take the bull, so i said, okay, i'll try to freestyle with him. but as you saw, it was not like it was supposed to be. >> freestyle rodeo, what is that? i know you're not riding the bill. >> no, no one riding. it's a rodeo clown. >> so this bull got you with its horns. what does this feel like? >> when i was in the air, i opened my eyes. i was like -- threw along in the air. >> did you get injured, and would you do it again? >> this time i wasn't hurt. people were like how did this happen? and actually i did it again and i tried to jump a mexican bull, and i failed. >>> an unexpected find on a paddle boarding trip and one of our favorite rescue vide
Dec 13, 2012 8:00pm PST
obstruction over the pop out at the back ask so the third floor bay widow that they have in the back can be removed in the feel did feel accepting these plans i would suck sog that the plans must be code myings and we can review that with the board's office so that these do not immediate any vawrns exprairns so the other point is that i have a little concern with is that it's good that they reduced the height and the four to four height as a good way of doing this but burying this further into the ground and putting this deeper into the ground and it was not clear that the previous project required a minor encroachment permit and in work grading right away the public would have concerns with that and i'm not sure to what extent but that could be have negative impact on the street escape and so generally, the least amount of manipulation to the sidewalks the better in order to accommodate the scope of the driveway. and we do have a latter rally slipping rods and other rods and it would are so meet b. k. w requirement and is it's a miernlg minor concern that we have to raise but urine
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
scattered pop up showers around bay area. not so much on the coastline anymore and has pushed its way east. i was a man as it is raining in your neighborhood. it is starting to dry out for san rafael however the reds in san revell bridge is picking up some light showers. you will need to use your windshield wipers. in the east shore freeway it is reading richmond on the berkeley but all is good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the peninsula has light rain for the bayshore freeway palo alto redwood city currently dry for a sunnyvale and cupertino. the zooming in on the south bay, light rain on highway 1 01. right around 87 dry with extra caution. i don't think flooding on the roadways will be that big of a concern because this is not a very moist system. it is bringing a lot of " cool air into the bay area so we will see cool conditions. we have a lot of instability in the air and what that means is we have a chance for a pop-up thunderstorm. we could see lightning, small hail could be produced. later on this afternoon expect temperatures in the mid-50s. we a lot of changes to talk about
Dec 15, 2012 4:30am PST
sounded like pops, gun shots. >> her teacher managed to take two children out of the hallway. pull them into the classroom, lock the door and move everybody to the other side of the room. >> we just told the little boy about his sister now. who am i going to play with, he said? i have nobody to play with now. excuse me. >> when your first grader goes to bed and says, mommy, is anyone from my class last year? are they all okay? are they all okay? and you look at them and say i'm not really sure. >> you can never be prepared for this kind of incident. what has happened, what has transpired at that school building will leave a mark on this community and every family impacted. jaymi's christmas shopping and was looking for gifts at best buy. you wanna see if walmart has similar gifts for less? yeah. let's go. samsung galaxy s3 -- over fifty dollars less than best buy! wow! fifty bucks! yeah! that's a pair of shoes. see for yourself if you could save on the gifts you want. walmart. see for yourself if you could save on the gifts you want. i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligation
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am PST
had access to him yet. following the attack he popped up on their radar. the official wouldn't comment on what led them to him. joe. >> what does this investigation mean in the big picture for the benghazi attacks? >> it's running on several different tracks. they are looking at a lot of different people to find out if they are connected. in this case, the man is noted as a ultra radical jihadist. 45 years old with a master's in sharia law. after the down fall of hasni mubarak he was released from jail and is believed to with be behind a terror group seeking to align with al qaeda. now achmed allegedly confessed to traveling to libya and having joined the resistance there. but an egyptian official said he denied any connection to the attack on the u.s. consulate or affiliation for al qaeda. at the time he was arrested he was armed with two machine guns. he's believed to be connected to a terror cell called the nasr city cell. when it was taken down there was a huge stockpile of weapons including rocket-propelled grenades, explosive belts and investigators have work to do now to
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
that. you had to get through that 25 years. >> it is the iggy pop syndrome. you do all of these drugs, and then you hit a certain point where your body is immune and you quit the drugs and you are skinny for the rest of your life. >> another great chest. >> i think he iggy looks good. i. >> you know what i am talking about. >> i interviewed iggy pop on a number of occasions. shut up. tom, you know what i think is the biggest culprit? kiss asses. they are the people that are around you that will never tell you when you are doing something bad. michael jackson every night is going to bed with pro -- pro -- propophyl. people will not tell you when you are doing something bad because they are on your payroll and it allows you to die. >> isn't that what happened with britney all the time? >> the train wreck happens and that person makes $50 million a year because that's what kurt cobain makes for the people that survived him. his estate. >> well if you get over the hump, if you become an iggy pop or keith richards. >> or the big bop? >> a certain amount of drugs turns your blood into
Dec 1, 2012 4:00am PST
? coming up on "pop news" after a quick break. keep it here. we'll see you in a minute. [ knock on door ] cool, you found it. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat-rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] gotta go. [ male announcer ] priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. online pricing starts at $5.15. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here. thank you very much. you're welcome. everyone got on and they were off to the launching site. google, how far is earth to th
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
- you gave too much innppevious tight? 3 a... pop star p3 a... pop star in... baltimore 3 worthy cause.singing sensation... cody simpson... performed at &p... ma-- gooby's... joke aaternoon....//he ... teamed up with thh radio station... z-104.3... tots....//admission... was donation ... was taken... at - the door....//cody says he pouldn't be happier be a part of this fffrt..../ 1:39:24"i for kids.. kids."cody is used to for kids." kids." love........................... for kids." kids." cody is used to performing for thousandd of people at big arenas ... but to tonight's crowd was llmited to 300 people. 14-23(sadie) "i don't think the houses because hey doo't have a house. i thiik i'm going to be he one tt give them toys." ttys.. coming up... a young girl... with a big heaat..he group of children she'sshoping to hell... one toy at a time. teeching dogs... how to drive. the reason behind this training course... and here it's happening. --adblib weaaher tz-- 5-year-old girl &pin southeast baltimore... is....collecting toys.../ llst theirs.../ in... superstorm sandy.
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
take a break here. >>> coming up next, the pops and drops you may have missed. >>> and later, consumers and the cliff. danny meyer stops by with his take on the company and how he is preparing for 2013. >>> welcome back to "fast money." netflix was a big gainer today. more than 5% gain after morgan stanley raised its prit target on the company to 105 from 80. analysts like the deal that netflix signed with disney. coin star getting a boost, after announcing they'll launch their video rental service with verizon later this month. that is going to combine the red sox dvd kiosk business with an swer net video offering from verizon. in the after hours, neither stack is doing much. melissa? >> jackie, thank you. with the coin star, the unlimited streaming, they're going to get movies from warner brothers and be able to get epic. it's a real rival to netflix. >> to me, i don't really understand. this story to me is lost. but what i think is interesting and i can't take credit for this idea. but what if apple took its cash and bought netflix and put it on their tv? >> on that tv. >>
FOX Business
Dec 30, 2012 2:00am EST
bubbly and pop the champagne and get the stocks ready to pop i the new year. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! i touched, it's their ball. team! alex. alex, good call.
Dec 7, 2012 3:40am PST
by law enforcement officials around the country. summit tickets, $1,000 a pop. paid for with your tax dollars. the zombies look scary, but organizers say the skit was solely to add levity to an otherwise serious meeting on protecting the homeland. senator tom coburn says it's just another example of more than $7 billion in questionable homeland security spending every year. >> wow. wasted. >> reporter: in a new report, coburn cites example after example, including nearly $30,000 for an underwater robot in columbus, ohio, the $69,000 hovercraft for indianapolis. and this, the sleepy town of keene, new hampshire, citing the need to secure its annual pumpkin festival was awarded a grant to buy a bearcat armored vehicle. price tag? $240,000. the department of homeland security said the grants make our communities safer places to live. coburn said there is just too much waste. examples are tip of the iceberg? >> sure, all over the government everywhere you look. >> reporter: what? >> waste, incompetence and stupidity. >> reporter: can you ever be too prepared for the zombie apocalypse? jon
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am EST
' norman. at the same time his temper made for pop culture parody. >> i would have gone over there myself and beat the tar out of my parameter. >> reporter: in 191991 george b issued him the medal of honor. schwarzkopf who served his country most of his life knew the value of peace and the price of confrontation. >> the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. >> reporter: general norman schwarzkopf was 78 years old. for "cbs this morning," bob orr in washington. >>> schwarzkopf's former boss is likely to be hospitalized for a while according to a top aid. the 41st president is in the methodist hospital being treated for a persistent fever. his staffs person says put your harps back in the closet. meaning he's sick but not that sick. >>> the storm left western pennsylvania and new york with a foot of snow yesterday. minewhile more than 35,000 homes and businesses remain without power. at least 16 deaths around the country are blamed on that storm. meteorologist jeff beer del ber has more. >> the snow will be more around the coast of new york city and philadelphia. first things
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 8:00am PST
bubbly and pop the champagne and get the stocks ready to pop in the new year.
Comedy Central
Dec 14, 2012 1:30am PST
his word. or one has a cap popped in one's as. >> soon downton will be connecting it with mad bitches and benjamins. (cheers and applause) im. >> yo, you got something in mind. >> carson, is someone addressing me? sorry. >> my lord, a mr. spider to see you. >> ah, yes, what can i do for you pie good man? >> listen, english muffin, where's my [bleep] tea. >> thomas, (applause) i'll take that [bleep] with some milk. >> naturally. once we have been reimbursed for our efforts. >> an why should i pay you, mary pop ins. i already got 9 receipts me. >> who gave you the recipe? >> i must have gotten it from mr. bates. i told you unreliable. >> but i never gave bates the recipe. >> no, wait. (cheers and applause) >> congratulations, my lord. are you now the key kingpin of your chair. >> yes, but it's a mixed blessing. as byron once said, mo money, mo quandaries. >> carson you dropped something. >> i can explain, my lord. >> you mother [bleep] (laughter) >> stephen: all for you, nation, all for you. and tune in next time when brian cranston will reenact scenes from malcolm in the middle. that g
Dec 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
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